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"o genoma e os neurônios saltitantes ficam alegres e falantes"

I've wanted to listen to them for a while now. And when I say them, I mean Moreno Veloso, Domenico Lancelotti and Kassin - three Brazilian musicians (the first being Caetano Veloso's son, by the way) that from time to time get together, have some fun and write some music that, fortunately, end up being released in albums for us to enjoy. So far there's been three, each with one of them as the "band leader". The first album, with Moreno Veloso as leader (Moreno +2) was "Máquina de Escrever Música". A few years later, they released "Sincerely Hot", leaded by Domenico Lancelotti (Domenico +2).

And now they released the third (but hopefully not last) album: "Futurismo", with Kassin in front of production and vocals - therefore, Kassin +2. And I finally got the album and listened to it, and I'm happy to say it was just as good as I expected. The first impression I had while listening to it is that it couldn't have been made anywhere in the world other than Rio de Janeiro. It's a very "carioca" album - laid-back, fun, sometimes silly, but all around really, really good.

Oh, and I'd suggest to listen to the whole album in order - especially in the end, when they insert hilarious "radio prompts" in between the songs (unfortunatelly non-Portuguese speakers won't be able to understand it).

Anyways, I was really entertained. Hopefully, you'll be too. See (huh, listen?) for yourself:

01. O seu lugar;
02. Esquecido;
03. Quando Nara ri;
04. Pra lembrar;
05. Ponto final;
06. Futurismo;
07. Mensagem;
08. Antes da chuva;
09. Samba machine;
10. Água;
11. Namorados;
12. Simbióticos;
13. Homem ao mar;
14. Astronauta;
15. Da Sexy Medina Radio Show;
16. Tranqüilo;
17. Da Sexy Medina Radio Show;
18. Sal do Pedro Sá;
19. Da Sexy Medina Radio Show;
20. Trouble;

Aaaaand... the whole album.

PLEASE! *save.target.as* is a must!

Links of notice:
Kassin +2 @ Myspace;
+2 @ Wikipedia (Portuguese);
+2 @ Wikipedia (English);
Futurismo @ Amazon.
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